Got a thirst for more Fallout 4? Nuka World DLC is now available and its packing more loot!

Tuesday 30th August saw the final installment of the Fallout 4 DLC, and wow, has it got a lot of content! Now, you can loot Nuka Cola merchandise to your hearts content, live the dream of being a leader (Overseer) to Raiders (if that is your thing) and have theme park fun (all within minimum health and safety standards of course).

***(spoilers ahead)***

But first, you need to go through the Gauntlet, a maze of traps to test you. These are traps you would have previously seen in the main game but still a fun maze of danger for any Fallout 4 fan, with an odd new enemy (Rad Rat for lunch) and animatronic to keep it interesting. TIP: at the end end of the Gauntlet make sure you have brought a mass of ammo for the Raider leader (Overseer) boss battle, I had to beat him with a baseball bat towards the end of the fight!

The Raider leader (Overseer) boss battle was enjoyable, with Bethesda creatively combining bumper cars main power supply with power armor. The water pistol for the battle was a welcome new way to fight. The Raider leader’s (Overseer’s) British accent sounded similar to Penguins accent in Batman Arkham City. This made the fight more entertaining and was a lot of fun.

Once in Nuka World, there is a similar trading area to what everyone is used to, plus after finding out there are slaves, you have two choices: join the Raiders as the new Overseer, or kill each Raider faction leader.

I’m choosing the good option as my play through is with the Minutemen, I’ll be posting pictures and videos throughout the weeks to show how this play through goes. I’m looking forward to delving onto YouTube, social media and blogs to see how all bad and good options play out.

This is going to be awesome!

Happy gaming this weekend everyone šŸ™‚

Saturday Gamer xx


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