Beginning Horizon Zero Dawn

Beautifully crafted prologue that blends seemlessly into a menu and a childhood story of a escape from a cavern. The starting location is dark, faint streams of light beam down from the ceiling; showing the games highly polished visual effects. You play Aloy, an outcast as a young girl, trying to find her way out of a Fallout style vault, office furniture and broken computers hint at the caverns original use. The location has an eerie feel of a laboratory.

With a childs fasination overruling fear, Aloy discovers a centuries old body on the floor, the body is juxtaposed with flowers and grass surrounding the corpse. Taking the electronic earpiece, this is where Horizon Zero Dawn goes from being an ordinary adventure game with excellent graphics, to a contrasting and gloriously unique play on technology and tribal culture.

Computers come to life in all their blurred holographic beauty and Aloy can now use this earpiece to scan for audio files on other bodies around the facility, discover ways to open a bunker door and have information on particular items in the game. As I adventure forward with Aloy, I feel the game slightly misses a step by not showing Aloy scared or unsure to continue forward in this dark and desolate area, she is unusually mature and brave for her age. Some emotion or tribidation on continuing through the cavern would have given the game slightly more depth.

I wonder whether Aloy’s name is a play on the metal with the same name as I find a way for her out of the cavern. Moving the story forward, what follows is a montage of training and practice with her new gadget, with a flawless transition from scenes of her training as a child to an adult. She’s training to enter a competition and earn the right to no longer be an outcast. There are elements of mystery in the story I’m looking forward to uncover.

Saturday Gamer

Aloy child


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