Horizon Zero Dawn: Discovering the World

Game play through: Spoilers ahead on the start of the game and the first open world section

Wandering around the world for the first time, great care has been placed in the weather effects. Watching the weather effects is hypnotizing, the rain falling on the river and Aloy catching snow flakes to touching the falling rain. Weather changes frequently, and I wonder whether it has something to do with the ‘forbidden ones’ aka us and how we might have previously destroyed the planet’s atmosphere. There are structures in the distance of this world that look like Alton Towers Nemesis:


As an outcast, the tribe will not talk to Aloy but I found two interesting side quests from desperate tribespeople who will need Aloy’s help.

I spend a lot of time gathering medicine from branches and watching local wildlife. I discover the cavern I fell into at the start of the game (labelled ruins on the map). Aloy can now break down a couple of stalagmite and stalactite walls to get into rooms she couldn’t access before. Goodies are in here, including a letter found on a corpse, stating their worst fears have been realised and they are going to be sealed in the bunker. What happened here? Did they create the robots dinosaurs above that killed them all? Their efforts won’t be forgotten sentence makes me wonder what they could all mean. Nothing is clear right now.

This game makes you think you are in a glorious open world until you realise there are sections of the map you cannot go into until you progress the main story. Large doors and tribesmen block your exit. In a gaming world where lots of games are either linear or open world, this middle ground was a surprise.

Her mentor decides to teach Aloy one more lesson before the competition and takes her to a story based area off the open world map. There is a saber-toothed tiger robot who has been destroying houses here. I made the mistake of not setting enough traps for this fight (bought device from a merchant in the open world area) and I was blissfully unaware when I started to battle, just completed this mission before Aloy nearly died. The lesson taught here from your mentor: the robot would have gone down to a village and mass killed. Think of others if she succeeds the competition and becomes a member of the tribe. Loving this game so far!


Saturday Gamer

concept art image for the video game Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla


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