How to level up quickly on Borderlands 2

I recently have completed a three-day stretch on Borderlands 2 and got to level 19 and $20,000 money plus in the game very quickly. Here are my top six tips on how to do this:

  1. Upgrade your backpack using Eridium and then collect the most expensive guns you find and sell them to Marcus (gun seller). This will get you lots of mullah!


2. Plan your skills tree – see what skills you would like to acquire and stick to the one skill tree branch, you’ll level up quicker if you know where you want to go.

3. Go for critical kills (enemies have weakspots on Borderlands 2) and watch the points on the enemies, for example in Borderlands 1 fewer points are given for running an enemy over in a vehicle (runner) than shooting them.


3. Make sure you have guns equipped that take various ammunition and have special abilities. Different elemental guns have different effects on the type of enemies you’re facing, check whats best in your inventory. I became obsessed with the electric Bandit gun below that shocked enemies, yet it slowed me up on certain missions.


4. Badass points – Don’t forget to go into your inventory and use your Badass points to level yourself up, I didn’t know about this feature until I had 25 Badass points to use!

5. Get another player friend on a higher level than you to join your game. Have a friend who has already completed this game? They can give you money to help you. We had a great time using the bandit gambling machine at Moxxi’s Bar in Sanctuary (I collected all the rewards, we ran away from the granades!) and if your higher level friend opens the skull chest with their badass points, you get to pick up the higher level guns you can sell to Marcus for a high price! (sadly you can’t use them).

6. Grind – Don’t forget to revisit places again and again for the boss battles, grinding really does pay off and you get to see awesome scenery you missed the first time round because the mission was a challenge last time.


I really hope Borderlands 3 gets announced in E3. Looking forward to playing Lilith in Borderlands 1, Maya is great fun to play.

See you later, happy gaming.


Gamer Tag: BadwolfAnge (Xbox)





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