Tomb Raider Underworld: Old games that still hold their own!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’ve been powering through Horizon Zero Dawn all this week and having enormous fun with it, I’ve become an expert at hitting a boar or chicken from a long distance and I’ve been collecting all the metal flowers and collectables like crazy, all in anticipation for Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds.

While doing this, it’s reminded me of cool female characters I’ve loved playing over the years, Lara Croft is my all time fave. For a change of location, I decided to play Tomb Raider HD Collection on PS3 in my retro games room. I picked Tomb Raider: Underworld as it was the one game that I lacked the most achievements in (where did my achievements go for this game?!). I expected Tomb Raider Underworld to be hard to play, a game to pick up only in fits and starts. Boy I was wrong, the style of graphics easily hold up now, musical score is relaxing and peaceful at the start of Thailand and adventurous in all the right places.


Lara’s ability to climb high areas in inventive ways is still impressive and surprisingly rivals games out now like Horizon on the style of climbing Lara can do. I really do believe this is one of the most underrated Tomb Raider titles, the story grips you from the start and the tiger fights and scenery still looks stunning. Only down side is Lara’s PDA is showing signs of age but this is definitely a game to revisit.


I’m on hard mode for the first time, enemies become bullet sponges yet all the moves Lara can pull off while ducking and dodging makes playing in this mode worth it. This is certainly a game to revisit and enjoy.


Saturday Gamer


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