Lollipop Chainsaw PS3 – A Fun Little Treat

Hi all,

Had a craving the other week to play something lighthearted I could enjoy in my retro games room. There has always been a game that has interested me as it reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lollipop Chainsaw!


You play Juliet, a lollipop addicted zombie slayer chainsaw wielding cheerleader. I always thought this game was a story based game, instead it surprised me by being very linear and arcade style.


It’s lighthearted fun, tongue in cheek clever writing will have you laughing while the music is insanely good, reminiscent of 90s music with a great selection in there. You can customise your music and I’m looking forward to customizing another play through. There is even an achievement for looking up Juliet’s skirt *blush*.


Zombies are varied, from your farm based zombie to your school teacher zombie! The bosses are very Scott Pilgrim and you’ll have fun guessing who the next boss will be.

Graphics are showing their age slightly, yet this adds to the retro music and the 90s TV show Buffy vibe. I would recommend going to your local retro games shop to pick this game up, I bought my copy for 5.99 (British Pounds) and I had great fun looking through all the other games available. You might find some great deals online too as this game has been out a long time. I do believe this game was underappreciated on release. This game was a bargain and for cheap price I paid for it is a must buy for any gamer that likes tongue in cheek humour!

Have a lovely week everyone

Angela x

Saturday Gamer


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  1. I literally was just talking about this game with my friend yesterday! It consisted a lot of “you should play it, it is just SO fun”. It’s relatively easy, amazing gameplay- who doesn’t love slashing zombs in half with a chainsaw? And it’s humorous throughout!
    I’m glad someone else enjoys it like I do! 😁 not too many people know it!

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  2. retroredress says:

    Enjoyed reading this – I played Lollipop Chainsaw some time ago and this post brought it all back to me! It’s mindless fun, quite a fun game to play over a weekend!

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    1. Thanks for the nice comments. It’s a great game to play over the weekend. I wish there was a sequel!

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      1. retroredress says:

        Yeah, a sequel would have been cool. If you enjoyed Lollipop Chainsaw, can I recommend No More Heroes? (If you haven’t played it already?) Suda51’s masterpiece in my opinion, great combat and ridiculous characters/story!

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      2. Thanks for the recommendation, never heard of No More Heros but it looks like good fun. Added to my gaming wishlist. I love a ridiculous story!

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      3. retroredress says:

        It’s worth seeking out! I’ve played it twice and traded it both times before finishing it…one of my biggest gaming regrets!


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