Arriving late to the party: Assassins Creed: Syndicate

Hi everyone 🙂

I’m sitting here munching on dark chocolate covered cranberries (they do exist!) and enjoying a nice Saturday thinking about how randomly I got into Assassins Creed. I have recently finished Horizon Zero Dawn (loved it, such a good game! The journey is always more important than the destination in games (like life) and it is true for Horizon! Besides Overwatch which my partner randomly surprised me with (so happy, I love this game) I had no other adventure based game I felt like playing.

I’m Welsh and my partner thought the British Assassins Creed: Syndicate might interest me as I love my home country so much, you get to play as either Evie or Jacob (Sister and Brother) around Victorian London. I love it! The atmosphere, the impressive variation of collectables and npc animations are fantastic. I’m very impressed that a lot of the characters you meet in Syndicate are from real history and some characters you assassinate were real people who died in those areas in London at that time. Frye the brother and sisters last name, is a derivative of free in the english language, a nod to the assassins creed mission against the Templars.


I’m learning a lot about history while playing this game and I’m planning to watch the Assassins Creed film tonight. I’m very eager to do some background reading on the characters and backtrack on the games, getting Assassins Creed Freedom on PSPlus free this month will help me to catch up.


Has anyone else ever played any games crazily out of sync? I’m catching up on the backstory, there is alot of it, really excited to find out more!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Angela x


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