Lighthearted feelgood Overwatch

Hi all,

Hope you are having a great start to week, I had a suprising productive day working 🙂


I had an awesome surprise last week, my partner treated me to Overwatch, a Pixar styled online game with an emphasis on working as a team. I was worried this game would be very run and gun Call of Duty gameplay (nothing wrong with running and gunning, I grew up on games like this!), I couldn’t have been more wrong. All the characters have their own strengths and weaknesses and only by working as a team you will succeed. I love the unpredictability of never knowing what team you’re going to be in, I’ve played in great teams and crazy everyone everywhere teams where no one knows what if happening. And loot boxes, so many wonderful loot boxes!

I have never been a sports fan but the summer games are fun for a change. There are constant updates with Overwatch and the price isn’t coming down after being out a year, the loading times and game searches are quick and this game is perfect for a quick play in the morning with breakfast. You’ll struggle to stop playing once you get into the gameplay! My favourite characters are, Mercy and Bastion.


I’m looking forward to an enjoyable week of quick fast paced gameplay and team game play that this game has to offer! Enjoy the rest of your week everyone! I might see you on Overwatch.

Angela, Saturday Gamer xx



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