Ultimate changes to Mercy in Overwatch!

Hi all,

Overwatch players (including me!) are going crazy over the new Mercy and D.va updates that have just been announced today! Mercy is getting a new Ultimate as Blizzard thinks Resurrect is undoing all the work players are working toward with damaging the other team. Her ultimate currently resurrects players, giving full health to all players on her team in her area. Instead, they have created Valkyrie: her new ultimate ability!


Mercy’s new ultimate will now increase her weapon damage and her healing staff range has been extended. The boost in the beams will target everyone from her team in the area and she will have increased range and movement speed.

A lot of players are unhappy with the update judging by Instagram comments and pictures. I’m excited because Mercy for the very first time will gain the ability to fly freely with this ultimate and I’m really excited to try out her flying skills!

What does everyone think about her new ultimate?


Saturday Gamer


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