My top tips for playing Overwatch

Hi everyone!

OK – its safe to say I’m hooked on Overwatch! is my favourite character. I’ve spent my bank holiday break analysing how other players play her and where best she needs to be on maps. Here is what I’ve learnt so far:

  1. Learning the layout of medi kits and where can boost up to matters: I’ve found works best if she is in an unexpected place up high to surprise the opposing team. Use skirmising for learning the layout of maps and what you can do.
  2. Don’t keep the shield up: only keep the shield up when an enemy is firing at you, it saves precious seconds and once you see them reloading their gun, give them the full fusion cannons. Keeping the opposing team on their toes with a mix of shield (defense matrix) and fusion cannons will confuse the enemy.
  3. Boost away to a safer place if all the other team are flanking you, if you can boost into one of them on the way out and hit them, even better.
  4. You can boost to pharah to unleash the fusion cannons and take her down from the ground!’s defence matrix does block almost all ultimates too!
  5. When using’s ultimate, point it skyward to drop on the enemies, they will run away from it otherwise (unless you have cornered them, then go all out!).
  6. Your ultimate can destroy you too, run!
  7. is not useless without her mech, just more vulnerable. Jump duck and dive and don’t stay in any areas too open (unless your with your team mates, then let them take point and target from behind them until your mech is back).
  8. If Bastion is camped, try getting to know the map and boosting around him, you can destroy him from behind before he realises where you are.

I hope these tips help you in your game. will be getting a balance update soon because Blizzard wants her defence matrix to be less impenetrable. They will also be giving her new ammunition which I can’t wait to try out. Above is not an exhaustive list for and I’m always still learning. If you have any hints or tips for me please leave them in the comments.


See you on Overwatch.

Angela xx

Saturday Gamer


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