Overwatch and Tomb Raider: Wales Comic Con 2017

Hi all,

From going on holiday, Wales Comic Con, days out planned and Christmas, I’m really looking forward to winter this year.


I’m lucky enough to get a photo opportunity with voice actors from Overwatch: Orisa (Cherrelle), Sombra (Carolina) and Widowmaker (Chloe). Overwatch is such a great game I couldn’t resist. I’ll also be in the gaming tent and bus, watching competitive gamers and having a go a retro games. It will be lovely to see so many gamers in one place. I’ll be bringing my flask of coffee and reminising over my childhood with all the cool old consoles.


Lara Croft (Shelley Bond) will also be there, it will be awesome to chat to the first ever voice actor for Lara Croft! I might bring my 20th Anniversay Edition of Tomb Raider book for her to sign.


It’s gonna be a great winter.

Angela xx

Saturday Gamer


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