How to combat the trolls of Overwatch

I’ve been playing Overwatch constantly since buying the game, it’s so wonderfully addictive. There is no better feeling winning a match because your team worked together superbly. Sadly not everyone plays together nicely. I’ve been focusing on learning as my main, leveling up in the placement matches and I ranked as silver.


During one ranked match, our team was failing badly, a player sent me a horrible message on my PS4 telling me to stop playing I carried on playing but lost my focus and failed epically the rest of match. My mind was on the message. Not with the game. Overwatch became less fun for me after this message and I felt as if I was an awful player.

After coming off the game and having a lovely evening with my partner at a nice diner, enjoying lovely food and talking, he helped me realise its only a game. A very well made game but a game still the same. The person who messaged me didn’t know me, my life and I didn’t know them. I had no idea if they just wanted to play, were having a bad day or have been banned from Overwatch before.

Also, how did they find time to find my username and message me on Playstation right in the middle of a ranked match? This person wasn’t playing to be able to do this.

There is no need to let anyone put you off a game you enjoy, sometimes you win player of the match, sometimes you have a bad match. Don’t let anyone put you off playing.

I’ve now blocked and reported the message to Playstation and can enjoy my game in peace. There might be another person in the future who does this again but what kind of person goes around destroying someone elses fun of a game? Not a true Overwatch fan. This will never put me off again, we’re all on Overwatch because we love the game!

Here is how to combat trolls in Overwatch:

  1. Ignore them, don’t respond, they want to argue or be critical of you and the more ammunition they have on you the more they will try to hurt you.
  2. Report them: whether they have contacted you through Overwatch or Playstation, report them and block them if they have contacted you through Playstation. Both Sony and Blizzard entertainment want you to have a positive gaming experience. Don’t let trolls win.
  3. Remember how good you are: if the comments have effected you, watch clips of yourself playing Overwatch well and all the good times you have had so far playing.
  4. Speak to someone: Speak to someone who is a positive force in your life, they will get your perspective back and get you back to normal.
  5. Go back and enjoy your game with like-minded players! Remember that these people are the minority, Overwatch has an amazingly cool large fan base 🙂

Ignore the trolls and remember: There are more important things in life than winning and losing a game, just enjoy playing. Stay awesome.

Angela xx

Saturday Gamer





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  1. Mr. Wapojif says:

    With trolls anywhere online I either completely ignore them or get stunningly patronising so they have a meltdown. Most of them are just teenagers, you hope, will grow out of it, but then you get a lot of adults doing it as well, who you just have to dismiss as vacuous or bitter. It’s called deindividuation – people misbehave in this way thanks to the internet’s anonymity. Innit.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Vacuous is exactly what they are, I think if people are unhappy in their lives they express it anonymously online. This causes upset to anyone not realising what they are doing. Hopefully as technology advances, game developers will find new and innovative ways to combat this behaviour.

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